How to prepare for a stress free family portrait session


You have booked your family portrait session - now what?

I have put together this page to help you prepare for your family portrait session.  We all know that most of the time when we want to have a family picture taken we stress a little about what to wear right?  We want everyone to coordinate but not "match",  we want the kids to look adorable, mom to look AMAZING and dad to smile a REAL smile.  Well here are a few helpful tips and some information that I think will guide you along the STRESS FREE path to your INCREDIBLE family portrait session.

Tip #1 -  MOM should be the focal point of your session.  Choose a solid color that compliments her and coordinate everyone around her.  For example:  My favorite color to wear is Green.  I always receive compliments when I wear green and it accentuates my eyes.  You want to make sure that you feel comfortable & pretty in what you are wearing.  If you love to wear jewelry then wear a favorite necklace and earrings or perhaps a scarf if seasonally appropriate.  MOM should have PLENTY of time to get herself ready so that she feels comfortable.  If mom is happy - everyone is happy!

Tip #2 - Choose a time for your session that works for your family.  If you are morning people choose a time before Noon.  If you have young children coordinate the time of your session after naptime.  And feed your children before the session.  You do not want a tired or hungry child during a photo session.  NOT GOOD:(

Tip #3- Allow plenty of time to get your  family ready for your session.  Do not be rushed.  Rushed = Stressed.

Tip #4- Choose your outfits at least 2 weeks BEFORE your session.  If ordering outfits online make sure that you allow enough time for shipping and exchanges if something does not fit.

I suggest searching Pinterest for what to wear ideas.  I always search broad first like "What to wear to/for family pictures".  Then I narrow it down or "Personalize" it to my needs such as, "What a family of six should wear to family pictures" or "what to wear for winter/summer/spring/fall family pictures".... 

I am a Pinterest junkie and use it for EVERYTHING!  It is a wonderful tool to be inspired for almost anything.... just search and you will find:)